1st Birthday Tomorrow, and Info on PQB’s Upcoming Sets

Play Quiz Bowl is turning one year old tomorrow! To celebrate, we’ll be announcing some major news that should be of interest to any existing or aspiring Minnesota quiz bowl players! Additionally, here’s an update on what we’ve been up to. We have two questions sets still due before the end of the year:

Super ACRONYM will be available for mirrors starting in August, 2017. Like ACRONYM, this is an all-pop culture set. Unlike ACRONYM, its questions are not intended for high schoolers in terms of difficulty (or in terms of content). It is being written by Erik Nelson, Daniel Vopava, and Travis Vitello. For information on mirroring Super ACRONYM, contact Erik Nelson.

TOEJAMANDEARL will be ready for mirrors in late October or Early November 2017. It will consist of 8, 20-tossup packets with all content related to video games (especially classic ones).