Play Quiz Bowl is seeking talented individuals for the following roles.

Question Writer

Play Quiz Bowl is looking for new writers to help bring its next pop culture tournaments to life. Ideally, applicants have experience in writing pyramidal quiz bowl questions and is knowledgeable in areas of pop culture that are of interest and relevance to high school students, as well as at higher difficulty levels. Accepted writers will be paid either a portion of a tournament’s revenue or on a per-question basis at a rate of $1.50-3.00, based on question/tournament type and on writing quality.

To apply, send a message to Erik Nelson at with the following info:

  • A brief summary of who you are and your history with quiz bowl
  • A summary of your experience in writing quiz bowl questions, if any
  • A writing sample, consisting¬†of two tossups and two bonuses on the topic of your choice (pop culture is preferred, but not required)
  • Specification if you’d like to write high school-level questions, “expert” questions, or both

Note that any questions provided as samples must not have been used for any other purpose and may not be used as such in the future (unless they are used in a future Play Quiz Bowl question set).


Play Quiz Bowl is also seeking a proofreader with an excellent eye for detail to review completed question sets. This position will play a flat fee on a per-tournament basis. To apply for this job, please contact Erik Nelson at