Question Sets

Play Quiz Bowl LLC produces multiple pop culture tournament sets per year. Its primary tournament, ACRONYM, originated with Robbinsdale Armstrong High School in Plymouth, MN. It is now produced annually by Play Quiz Bowl LLC.

If you’re interested in hosting a tournament using Play Quiz Bowl questions, please contact Erik Nelson.

Current Question Sets

ACRONYM 12, the latest version of our flagship event, is available for mirrors.

Coming Soon

Super ACRONYM 2, a new edition of our more difficult pop culture set, will be available in early August 2019. Read more about Super ACRONYM or find a mirror in your area here.

ACRONYM 13 will be available in February 2020! We are excited to be preparing another iteration of our flagship pop culture event, with questions accessible for both high school and open-level players.

ACRO-Demia is our second set for the summer of 2020. While this will also be a pop culture set, all of its answer lines are going to be things from the academic quiz bowl canon (historical figures, novels, paintings, and so forth).

Previous Sets

Several of PQB’s previous sets are now available for free on the Quiz Bowl Packets archive. If you read and enjoy these sets and wish to thank the content creators, please consider donating to the Bounceback Foundation.

ACRONYM X (Easy level pop culture)

ACRONYM 11 (Easy level pop culture)

Super ACRONYM (High-difficulty pop culture set)

TOEJAMANDEARL, (All-tossups, all-video games; quite difficult)

SNICK (All-tossups, all 1990s-centric)


ACRONYM began as a fundraiser for the quiz bowl team at Robbinsdale Armstrong High School in Minnesota. Initially running on NAQT questions, it later evolved into a house-written pop culture tournament, which was head edited by Matt Quinn. Beginning with ACRONYM VII in 2014, head editing duties were handled by Erik Nelson. A year later, ACRONYM VIII became the first ACRONYM to be mirrored across North America, and it has grown into the most widely-played pop culture set in the world for high school students.